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Woven with Nature, Crafted for Luxury

Discover the beauty of traditional crafts at Simply Spun in Holywood, Northern Ireland. As a seasoned weaver, spinner, and craft educator, I specialise in creating luxurious handwoven scarves and knitwear from natural materials.


Join me for workshops in wool spinning and other traditional crafts, perfect for beginners and experienced crafters alike. With demonstrations held throughout Northern Ireland, let Simply Spun inspire your creativity and appreciation for artisanal techniques.

Loom Weaving

Our Classes

At Simply Spun in Holywood, Northern Ireland, I offer comprehensive lessons in spinning, weaving, and traditional crafts tailored to all skill levels. From turning raw wool into your own yarn through spinning, to creating textiles on the loom, and exploring diverse crafts like felting and dyeing, each session is designed to inspire creativity and deepen your crafting skills in a supportive environment.



As part of Simply Spun I offer spin, weaving, and craft demonstrations at public and private events. 

These demonstrations can range from traditional wool and linen spinning to harvest knots and quilting. 

17 Mar 24'

Joanne Webb

“Rosemary was very knowledgeable and supportive. She confirmed for me that this is a skill hope to pursue. It was a lovely day that passed so quickly."
Weaving Kit

Group Workshops

Here at Simply Spun I offer a wide range of group workshops to suits your needs.


My workshops are suitable for beginners and those with experience alike, and can last anywhere from an hour to a full day. 

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