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At Simply Spun, I bring the rich tradition of textile crafts to life through engaging demonstrations at both public and private events across Northern Ireland. These demonstrations are designed to showcase a wide array of techniques and skills, providing a captivating experience for all attendees.

Spinning Demonstrations: I demonstrate the fascinating process of spinning wool and linen, highlighting both historical and modern methods. Participants get an up-close look at how raw fibers are transformed into threads, with insights into the intricacies of wheel and spindle spinning.

Weaving Demonstrations: Attendees can witness the magic of weaving as I showcase how to set up a loom and create patterns. This offers a practical glimpse into the textile creation process, from the initial thread alignment to the final woven product.

Craft Demonstrations: I also present a variety of other traditional crafts, such as making harvest knots and quilting. These demonstrations explore the cultural heritage of these crafts, emphasizing their historical significance and the skill involved in creating intricate designs.

These demonstrations not only educate but also inspire creativity, making them ideal for cultural festivals, educational settings, or private gatherings where crafting can be appreciated and celebrated.

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