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Weaving lessons in Northern Ireland

An opportunity to learn how to weave. We offer a number of different types of weaving lessons.



Ridged Heddle Loom Weaving – Half Day

You will learn to all about this loom, how to warp it up and then weave your own coasters or a sample length. Produces plain cloth.

4 Shaft Weaving – 2 x Half Day Sessions

This loom allows for more pattern cloth weaving. We will cover pattern drafting, cloth design, warping, the threading of loom and then start to weave.


Tapestry Weaving 


Tapestry weaving produces a weft faced fabric used to weave pictures. All shapes are an illusion and are created from a series of stepped rectangles. 


Learn how to warp the loom and weave a sample panel using plain weave, stepped, soft angles, shaping techniques and how to transfer  your drawing on to the warp.

“thank you for the lessons and to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and Veronica and learning so much in just two lessons.”

Gift Voucher available for weaving lessons, please contact for more details.

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