Wool Spinning Classes in Northern Ireland

Now is your opportunity to learn how to spin; to turn sheep’s wool into a yarn!

After one of my spinning classes you will have learned the technique that will allow you, with practice, to be able to produce your first hat, scarf or jumper. 

RMcCartney Spinning 1.JPG

Spinning On a Wheel – Half Day

Come along and learn to process and spin wool fibre into a yarn. We will discuss fleece and fibre preparation, learn carding and then spin your own unique yarn. This class will give you an introduction to spinning. An ideal way to have a go and to see if you enjoy the craft. All materials included.

Spinning On a Wheel –  Follow up class

A follow up class to practice your spinning and learn more about worsted spinning, spinning with tops, fibre blending, plying and finishing your yarn.

Spindle Spinning – Half Day

This is the oldest and simplest method  of making a yarn/thread. The class will cover carding, spinning and plying on the spindle.

Linen Spinning 

I learned to spin from Patricia Baines (author of two spinning books) at the start of my spinning journey.