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Wool Spinning Classes in Northern Ireland

In our spinning classes, you'll discover the magic of turning fiber into yarn. Are you ready to embark on a journey into the art of spinning? Imagine transforming raw sheep's wool into soft, beautiful yarn that you can knit or crochet into cozy garments. It's an ancient craft that's both practical and deeply satisfying. start with the basics, learning about different types of wool and how to prepare it for spinning. 

So, are you ready to join us and learn the ancient art of spinning? Together, we'll unlock the secrets of the wheel and transform wool into wearable works of art.

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Spinning On a Wheel – Half Day

We'll start with the basics, learning about different types of wool and how to prepare it for spinning. You'll feel the fibers slide through your fingers as you learn to draft and spin them into delicate strands.

With each lesson, you'll hone your technique, gaining confidence and skill. Soon, you'll be spinning with ease, creating yarns of varying thickness and texture. From smooth, fine yarn for delicate lace to chunky, lofty yarn for cozy blankets, the possibilities are endless.

As you progress, you'll see your spinning wheel or spindle as an extension of yourself, effortlessly translating your movements into beautiful, consistent yarn. And with practice, you'll have the skills to turn that yarn into your first handcrafted hat, scarf, or jumper.

and learn to process and spin wool fibre into a yarn. We will discuss fleece and fibre preparation, learn carding and then spin your own unique yarn.

This class will give you an introduction to spinning. An ideal way to have a go and to see if you enjoy the craft. All materials included.

Spinning On a Wheel –  Follow up class

Welcome back to our spinning classes! In this follow-up session, we'll delve deeper into the art of spinning, expanding your skills and knowledge to elevate your craft to new heights.

First, we'll explore worsted spinning, a technique that produces smooth, dense yarn with minimal fiber preparation. You'll learn the finer points of worsted drafting, achieving consistency in thickness and twist for a polished, professional finish.

Next, we'll delve into spinning with tops, exploring the wide range of fibers and blends available. From luxurious merino to sturdy silk, you'll discover how different fibers behave and how to spin them to their best advantage.

Fiber blending will be another exciting topic on our agenda. You'll experiment with mixing different colors and types of fiber to create unique blends with custom properties. Whether you're aiming for subtle gradients or bold contrasts, the possibilities are endless.

Plying is an essential skill for any spinner, and we'll cover it comprehensively in this class. You'll learn various plying techniques, including traditional two-ply and Navajo plying, to add strength, texture, and visual interest to your yarn.

Finally, we'll focus on finishing techniques to ensure your yarn is ready for its final destination. From setting the twist to skeining and washing, you'll learn how to care for and showcase your hand spun creations.

By the end of this follow-up class, you'll have expanded your spinning repertoire and gained confidence in your abilities. Whether you're spinning for pleasure or profit, the techniques you'll learn here will serve you well on your spinning journey. So, come prepared to spin, learn, and be inspired!

Spindle Spinning – Half Day

Welcome to the world of spindle spinning! In this half-day class, you'll  discover the oldest and simplest method of transforming fiber into yarn. With nothing more than a humble spindle and your own hands, you'll unlock the secrets of this ancient craft.

Our class will begin with an exploration of carding, the process of preparing raw fiber for spinning. You'll learn how to tease apart and align the fibers, creating a smooth, consistent batt ready for spinning. With gentle guidance, you'll feel the magic of carding as you transform fluffy clouds of wool into a soft, workable fiber.

Next, we'll delve into the art of spindle spinning itself. You'll discover the rhythmic motion of drafting and spinning, as you twist the fiber into a fine, delicate thread.

Linen Spinning 

I learned to spin from Patricia Baines (author of two spinning books) at the start of my spinning journey.

Linen spinning, a craft steeped in Irelands tradition and history, is a captivating skill that offers a unique journey into the world of fiber arts. Originating from the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest textiles known to humanity, cherished for its strength, durability, and lustrous beauty.

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